Past Shows

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New Perspectives October 5-November 11

Byron Rogers, Marley Billie D, Stajah Curry, and Sandy Sleet

New Perspectives by artists Byron Rogers, Marley Billie D, Stajah Curry, and Sandy Sleet, is a group exhibition presenting joyous and intimate narratives of their communities in the past, present, and future. The works celebrate the spirit of cultural identity and recognize the artistic expression as a gift from God. By honoring the traditions, spaces, and symbols of their lives, the artists hope to inspire positive reflection and inclusivity that will encourage viewers to change their perception of other communities.

The exhibition launches the B-Art LLC Gallery/Art Education venture and the Bailee Foundation. These organizations focus on creating opportunities for kids of all abilities to express their voices through art.



A Group Fiber Exhibit featuring Gina Alvarez, Suzy Farren, Carlene Fullerton, Eden Harris, Kelly Larson, Lyn Magee, and Nadine Potter

For more than three years, we’ve met as a group twice a month – on Mondays – to talk about art and life. Loosely formed as a way to critique one another’s art, expand our knowledge of contemporary art, and broaden our art vocabulary, Monday Dialogs has deepened our collective understanding of ­­­­­­­­­­­­why we – and others -- create. Fueled by wine, our Monday dialogs are often animated, frequently funny, always interesting. Our discussions inform the artwork each of us creates. Though our styles, processes and materials vary, memory is a key component for each of us in the creative process.


Bryan RobertsOn: superpower November 7–December 15

Maps can envision the totalizing powers at work in the globalization of modern life. Bryan's cartography looks strangely recognizable but departs from any geographic context and highlights the difference between the Mercator and Gall-Peters projections.


Ken Konchel, September 7–October 14, 2017

Ken Konchel is an acclaimed photographer who captures images of buildings in an abstract, graphic way. He creates compositions that do not immediately reveal themselves as architecture. 


Marjorie Hoeltzel Retrospective, June 11–July 31, 2017

Marjorie Hoeltzel was an acclaimed textile artist and a long-time member of Trinity Church in the Central West End. This retrospective of her work gathered together—for the first time ever—examples of her art quilts, liturgical art, and wearables. 


Feast Your Eyes: Trinity Food Ministry photographers, April 30–may 30, 2017

This exhibit featured the photography of several guests of the Sunday Hot Lunch program offered by the Trinity Food Ministry. Using their own cameras or donated equipment, they have captured the world they experience in striking photographs.